Tell Tale Heart

Melissa Cherie. 18. NJ. Singer, wongwriter, Creator. Mikey <3. Mermaids and metal. I will never answer where i came from, only how i got here. Ill give you something honest. follow , & I follow back, So get to it loves! Snake(s) Online


Men, ladies are always told not to marry a man unless she’d be proud to have a son exactly like him.

So I’ll say likewise to you: Don’t marry a woman unless you’d be proud to have a daughter exactly like her.

Society gives men so much crap, but they never tell the ladies to step up and act like ladies. I’ve met some pretty awful women, so please, be discerning.

Instead of telling men to act respectfully, they tell women they’re allowed to act like total shit bags too. 


(via c-arrieunderwoods)

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